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El Pre Nou

2016: La Odissea Català


Release Date: 20/06/2016

Catalan based Glam Fusion Punk Crossover Disco Pop Explosion Band, THE PRE NEW, release a selection of mixes based around EUROPA SUPERSTAR PT 2 taken from the critically acclaimed album THE MALE EUNUCH

The collection entitled 2016: La Odissea Català pulls together a varied mix of European influences with three mixes by artists Derealise, Alien and THE PRE NEWthemselves.

A bonus track features house singer, Jim Fry’s Karaoke version of the Eddie and The Hot Rods classic, Do Anything You Want To Do… re tilted Fes el Que Vulguis’  and was recorded in a Irish themed pub just of La Ramblas, sung entirely in Catalan. 

A spokesman (who learnt Catalan from a Rosetta Stone CD course) for the band said: 
‘La disco al cap d’en Jim eracontrat, nomesencanviava la distribcio … Simplement es posa millor … millor I millor’. 
Which translates to “The disco Jim carried in his head was constant only his distribution changed…Better and Better Better and Better.”

THE PRE NEW will now be referred to as EL PRE NOU until further notice.

01 Derealise: Sitges Advertència de Tempesta Pre Barrejar (Sitges Storm Warning Pre Mix) 6:50 £0.99
02 El Pre Stu: B-10 Ronda Litoral sense fi Pre Barrejar (B-10 Costal Ring Road Endless Pre Mix) 4:07 £0.99
03 Alien: Xucrut a les roques Pre barrejar (Sauerkraut on the rocks Pre Mix) 6:42 £0.99
04 El Pre Nou Bol dels dits de Bang Buffet Lliure Pre barrejar (Fish Bowl Finger Bang Free Buffet Pre Mix) 1:44 £0.99
Fes el que vulguis (Do Anything You Wanna Do) - Rosetta Stone Sunfly Kareoke live at Flaherty's Barcelona. 3:52 £0.99