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The Pre New

The Male Eunuch (PowerPoint Album)

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Release Date: 14/05/2015

NB:  The PowerPoint album is delivered in two halves with a total size of around 880MB.  Like THE PRE NEW, it's big.  Every effort has been made to ensure this works perfectly as a PowerPoint file.  However, due to its size, the presentation can take a few moments to start or on older computers it can stall momentarily periodically. We hope this does not detract from your enjoyment. 
NB2: You need to have PowerPoint, PowerPoint Viewer, OpenOffice or Keynote (on an Apple Mac) installed on your machine to use this product. 

If you experience any issues please drop us a line at

This album comes to you as a PowerPoint Show, a digital graphic and musical journey through the dark corners of The Pre New.
Ideal for use in the Boardroom or Workstation.
The ideal gift for a friend or Enemy so they while away the hours spent trapped within the drudgery of contemporary office life.
A Magical Mystery Tour for morons and dumb office workers who don’t know that they actually exist.

THE PRE NEW say "When we sing songs about 21st-century office life, Foxton's, LA Fitness City boys and girls and meal deals then we should transmit our album using the correct medium for them, the one they are familiar and comfortable with and the one they will understand - PowerPoint"

The Male Eunuch - Part A Video $6.99
The Male Eunuch - Part B Video $6.99